Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The long flight home

 My great Everest adventure is coming to a close. My bags are packed and my balances settled. My taxi is due to pick me up in 1 hour. After immigration formalities I begin the long journey home. I fly from Kathmandu to Hong Kong where I only have an 8 hour layover this time. Then it is off to Los Angeles where because of the magic of the International Date Line I arrive 2 hours before I leave Hong Kong. More immigration formalities and then another 5 hour layover. I look for a flight to Denver and will arrive around 9:30p.m. I am so excited to see my family. I have now been away for 71 days. What a long time.


Your biggest fans said...

My copy of your itenerary shows you arrive in Denver at 9:15pm. I didn't count the days you were gone, but I am counting down by the minute until I get to see you! (37hrs, 11min) Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

May your travels this last leg of the incredible journey be safe, swift, and secure. May God reunite you with family soon. It has been a long time, and I thank you for sharing all 71 days with us. What a blessing and adventure!

Wayne and Betty

Brian said...

May your long journey home have no "middle seats." :)

Safe travels!

- Brian Tardiff

Mom said...

It has been fun and a blessing following along. 71 days? Wow - doesn't seem that long (except, I'm sure, to Diana!). I will feel a little bereft not having blogs to check every day. Guess you'll have to keep it going. . .

Can't wait to see you!

Love, Mom

Your Biggest Fans said...

Several people have told me it hasn't seemed like 10 weeks. UGH! To Ben & I it has felt like 10 months!!! Good thing Alexander doesn't know the difference.
We will see you soon.
Diana & Alexander

Michelle said...

Hi Ben, this is your cousin Michelle, out west in Oregon. Mom told me she talked to Aunt Cheryl and that you CLIMBED MT. EVEREST! CRAZY!

So I had to Google you. Congrats on a successful climb. That's pretty neat!