Thursday, September 24, 2015

Safe at Camp 3

If I piece all the information together, the team left base camp at 6 am on Wednesday morning, rather than 2:30 am as planned because of rain/snow at base camp. It was safe for them to climb because it was not snowing higher than Camp 1. Ben sent me a text on Wednesday afternoon (Nepal time) to say they had safely made it to Camp 2. He gained 5,250' elevation in a day. He was tired!
They left early Thursday morning (Nepal time) for Camp 3 and I received a text at 2:13 am last night (2 o'clock in the afternoon in Nepal) that he was safe at Camp 3. He said the weather is good, so thank you for everyone who prayed for the weather to clear up. Again he mentioned he was tired and trying to recover. Please continue to pray for strength, and a clear mind. They will be heading to Camp 4 on Friday.