Friday, September 11, 2015

Successful Camp 1 & 2 Rotation

First, let me say thank you to everyone that is following along and praying. I know my posts aren't as exciting as Ben's, but if they were, the stories would be made up. :) Ben does such a great job of writing so we can picture where he is.
The schedule I posted earlier this week was accelerated. He sent me a text on Thursday from Camp 2 saying there was a storm coming in so they bumped up their plans. In order to beat the storm, they skipped the rest day on Wednesday and climbed to Camp 1 and then on Thursday continued to Camp 2.
Ben called from Base Camp this morning and it was raining when we were talking. They are ready for a summit push, but they will use the next few bad weather days to rest and recuperate at Base Camp. The summit push will be 5 days, round trip. I don't know when that will start because it will be based on the weather but I know Ben is anxious and ready.
Please continue to pray for mental strength over the next few rest days, for wisdom on when to proceed and for favorable conditions on the mountain for the summit push. Thank you, Diana.