Thursday, January 21, 2010

Everest training continues

Wow! It is amazing to think that it has been a month since my last post. On one hand the past month has cruised by quickly. On the other hand, usually while thinking about climbing Everest, the time has crept along slowly.
This past month has been filled with constant training - both physical and mental. What an undertaking. Am I crazy for trying this? What kind of person sets off for the opposite corner of the globe just to climb a mountain? Not to overuse a popular expression, but Mount Everest is more about the journey and not just the destination. I will be blessed to experience so much in the upcoming months. I truly am blessed!
As far as physical training goes the only new thing I have incorporated in the last month is the use of ankle weights. I have a set of 2.5lb ankle weights that I try to wear all day - everyday. In my mind I have reasoned that this additional 5 lbs is similar to the weight of the climbing boots I will be wearing on Everest. If I can get my body more used to the additional weight now, then, hopefully, I will be a little stronger on Everest. My pack weight has stayed at 50 lbs but with my regular hiking boots, plus the ankle weights, I feel I am really making great progress.
Over the next 2 months, before I leave, I will embark upon fattening up. No, I won't let myself get fat and out of shape. I will still work out just as hard, if not harder. It is just that I will try to eat more so as to put a little extra weight on. It is a known fact that on Everest a climber can burn up to 15,000 calories a day. There is no way I can eat that much so I will obviously lose weight while on Mount Everest. To the best of my ability I would first prefer to lose "fat" rather than "muscle". Who knows? Only the good Lord and to Him I remain ever thankful for the ways I have been blessed and for this grand opportunity. Cheers!