Friday, September 25, 2015

Safety First

I received a text from Ben at 10:30 pm MT last night that he was back at Base Camp. Due to unsafe climbing conditions the team returned to Base Camp rather than proceeding to Camp 4. Earlier in the evening, I had read status on other teams also on Manaslu and saw that there had been some avalanches and concerns with Sherpas securing the ropes to Camp 4 due to a lot of snow. So when I received the text from Ben I was relieved to know he was safe.
He was able to call this morning and the kids and I were thrilled to hear his voice. On the phone he told me that the weather was warmer which caused the crevasses to open up. The route to Camp 4 was not clear and not safe.
When we talked the next steps were not yet figured out but it sounds like he was happy with his efforts and we are so proud of him. The fact that safety is always his #1 priority is why I am able to cheer him on and not spend too much time worrying. Thank you all for prayers and support. I expect the next update will be from Ben to sharing about his adventures.