Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rest complete! Leaving for Camp 1 and 2.

Today ends our 3 day rest cycle. Tomorrow we will leave basecamp at 5:00a.m. and travel the entire Khumbu Icefall all the way to Camp 1 which is at an elevation of 19,680’. We will stay only 1 night at this camp because it is just a temporary refuge. We will then leave one tent at Camp 1 and some oxygen which will be for emergencies only. The following morning we will then enter the Western Cwm, rope together because of the enormous crevasses, and climb to Camp 2. This camp is also known as Advanced Basecamp (ABC) and is at an elevation of 21,000’. This camp will be our future staging area when preparing for our summit attempt and Camp 1 will be bypassed completely. The plan is to stay at this camp for 2 nights and then return all the way to basecamp for a 5 – 7 day period of rest. Why so long of a period of rest? There are several reasons. Number 1 is that just living at this altitude is extremely arduous, demanding, and tiresome. The body needs this time of rest in order to function “properly” at the higher elevations on Mount Everest. As well, it is extremely difficult to eat sufficiently at altitude so in returning to basecamp we can try and eat enough to replenish what has been lost on the mountain. Number 2 is that we need to wait for the Lhotse Face to be fixed with rope and for Camp 3 to be established at an elevation of 23,900’. I will provide more information on this camp in a later dispatch. Please remember that nobody would be able to climb Mount Everest without the help of Sherpas. There are personal Sherpas and group Sherpas. I will also provide more information on these hardworking people at a later time. Look for more to come as well as some pictures in 3 – 4 days. Thank you for your continued prayers of safety. Also, please keep my lovely wife and awesome son in your prayers as I am away. Thank you.