Wednesday, December 16, 2009

100 day countdown begins!

Wow! Just 100 days until I leave for Mount Everest. I am so excited, scared, and concerned all at the same time. This attempt upon Mount Everest's lofty summit will be a chance of a lifetime. I am so fortunate and blessed to be able to have this opportunity to live out my dream.
There is still so much to do in preparing for this major expedition. Spiritual, physical, and mental training continue to be the focus because this little sortie to the highest real estate on earth will prove to be a major challenge. How will I do? How will I react? How will I conduct myself when situations really get tough? This all remains to be determined and yet one thing is for sure. The summit of Everest is the gravy on top of the entire experience and obtaining it would be a dream come true. However, more importantly is safety and returning home to my family. As Ed Viesturs, America's most famous high altitude mountaineer, has said, "Getting to the top is optional, getting down is mandatory."
What a mystery that awaits me. One wrapped in -40 degree temperatures, snow, ice and some of the best views on earth.