Sunday, May 9, 2010

Still waiting...

Photo 1 – Another nice view of our 2 Mountain Hardwear dome tents at night. In the background is Pumori (23,357’) and a few Buddhist prayer flags blowing in the breeze.

Photo 2 – I attempted to climb this peak, Ama Dablam (22,551’), in 2006. We were constantly pounded by heavy snowfall and the potential avalanche conditions were too high for a safe climb. I retreated happy, confident, and safe, knowing I could attempt this peak again some other time. As you can tell, the mountain is still there and I am still safe.

Patiently waiting is the name of the game here at EBC. The jet stream is still hovering over the mountain and the winds are high. I am trying to stay occupied by going on small hikes. Even in this beautiful setting I am getting bored. I have now been at EBC, resting, for 14 days. Imagine, in the real world, sitting down and doing nothing for 2 weeks! Hard for me to imagine. Honestly, according to the weather forecast, we may be here another 10 days before attempting the summit. Ugghh! As always, your prayers are coveted and much appreciated.