Saturday, March 27, 2010

The 13 hour layover...

I have arrived safely in Hong Kong after a 14.5 hour flight. That does not include additional time in the plane for boarding and getting off. The flight went quickly and I ate as much food as the ladies would give me from Cathay Pacific Airlines. I watched some climbing videos on the plane just to keep me psyched. Another thing that is keeping me psyched is getting to see old friends in Nepal. Since this is my 4th time climbing there I have made some wonderful friendships both Nepalese and non.
So what to do on a 13 hour layover? For those who know me you will not be surprised to find me eating. Hong Kong has some great seafood. Yummy. A little email followed by a nap (I hope) and I will be ready for my next flight. My flight to Kathmandu via Bangledesh is 6hr 25min so my time of sitting still is not yet over. Oh well, more yummy airline food.

Thank you everyone for your comments on these entries. They really uplift my spirits. Is that seafood I smell...?