Thursday, March 4, 2010

Climbing in the weather and feeling under the weather

I truly am blessed to be able to live in the beautiful State of Colorado. Even more so to live within walking distance of some of Colorado's most beautiful hiking trails. Last Saturday saw Gavin, Nick and I hiking to the top of Goat Peak in Waterton Canyon. Although only 7,800' high, this little peak boasts 6 false summits so there is a lot of up and down just to get to the top and back. We did the usual 50 pound packs and 2 1/2 pound ankle weights. Add to all of that snow that was over my waist and we had a fantastic challenge.
Unfortunately, that is the last bit of exercise I have done for this week. It is allergy season in Colorado and my allergies are acting up big time. Couple that with my pesky lower back and I have been sidelined for this week. Oh well. All I can do is try to take care of myself and get better. I have a doctor's appointment today for my allergies and I have started tostretch more for my lower back. I need to be more disciplined in this activity.
On a brighter note, just 3 weeks until I leave for my dream climb of Mount Everest. The guy I have decided to go with, Phil Crampton of Altitude Junkies, is already in Kathmandu working on the final logistics for our fast approaching climb. Wow! I am excited. I can't wait.