Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Training, training, and more training

Well, this evening I am heading back to the gym for my bi-weekly cardio class. I am taking Combat Calisthenics with a former Marine - Sean Lowe. This class is crazy. Imagine P90X meets Crossfit, meets USMC boot camp! The class is 1 hour long and my heart rate is above 70% the whole time. I have been taking the class for a little over a year now and Sean always mixes things up. No 2 classes are the same.
This class is just a supplement to my regular training, which will increase even more as my 100 day countdown approaches. I am very blessed to live in Colorado and so every weekend, snow or sunshine, I head to the Colorado high country. My goal is to hike to over 13,000' if possible; and over 14,000' being even better. All said and done I also try and gain at least 3,000' in altitude. The cherry on top is that I usually have a 35lb pack on my back. This weight will go up as well as March approaches, eventually topping out at about 50-60 lbs. As well, during the week I try to make 1 ascent of Mount Morrison with a pack on. I start at the bottom of the famous Red Rocks amphitheater and go up over 500 stairs before starting the hike up the mountain proper. This usually gets the lungs burning. In total I gain about 1,700' in altitude. Other weight training, yoga, and stretching will supplement my training at least 1 other day a week, and again this, too, will increase as March approaches.
I am so blessed - I am so excited! Everest 2010 here I come.