Sunday, May 2, 2010

Questions & Answers

Photo 1 – Our 2 luxurious Mountain Hardwear Space Station Dome Tents at night. The one on the right is our communication dome where we have 7 computers, 3 Thuraya DSL modems, 23 radios for communication on the mountain and a lot more. The dome on the left is where we eat and eat and eat.

Photo 2 – Partial camp view at night. I hope these photos turn out. Before I compressed them they were absolutely fantastic.

To your great dismay I will not be attaching a photo of me doing laundry. Late in the evening of May 1st, there was a snowstorm here at base camp and we received about 12” of snow and it has just stopped snowing. Therefore, my laundry duties have been postponed. Why won’t anyone hang out with me?

However, for those of you who post comments to my dispatches, thank you. I really enjoy them. Some of you have asked questions and I will use this update to answer those questions.

Stephy-lu-lu – Jerry’s vegetarian comment was a huge hit. I broke out that little gem when we first discussed climbing the Lhotse Face and apparent ice fall dangers.

I have not seen any marmots here but they can definitely be heard at all hours! Crazy how those little fellas hide so no one can see them. The look on people’s face is priceless.

The yaks still stare at me ominously. I had quite the stare down contest a few weeks back. I did take another picture of the offender in your honor.

Our group Sherpas are just that – group Sherpas. We have a total of 8 group Sherpas and 2 personal Sherpas for the 2 members who require them. While on the mountain we are expected to be self-sufficient. Therefore, I usually climb alone. However, I am always roped in and within earshot of other team members.

I have sung How Great Thou Art to myself from the beginning of this trip. It is hard to imagine any other place where God’s great handi-work is more properly on display. For the sake of other people’s hearing, I keep the singing to a minimum.

Congratulations to you and the other R.O.M. instructors on a safe spring climbing school. I am so happy to hear of the great turnout. I look forward to meeting the students this summer during Wednesday night rock climbing.

Josie – I corresponded, via email, with Brandon and Christine Chalk before the climb. We were meant to do some training climbs together but never had the chance with our conflicting schedules.

I have heard of and met Eric Weihenmeyer. Actually my good climbing buddy was heavily involved in Eric’s Everest attempt and Eric’s Everest North Side climb to benefit blind Tibetan teenagers. I am glad Eric is following along.

Tell Randy there is no way my vending machine is empty. I have a top vending machine re-fill person looking after my affairs. Thanks a million BHH.

Marcus – I did not make it very far up Everest on my last attempt, from the North or Tibetan side. Really, I only made it to the first camp, very low on the mountain. It was on my approach to Everest Base Camp, while crossing the Tibetan Plateau that I found out my wife was pregnant with our son, Alexander. I knew the proper thing to do was to come home and leave Everest for another attempt at a later time.

Our summit attempt will be sometime in May. Sorry to be so vague but we are now totally dependent upon the jet stream. Ideally we would like to attempt the summit as soon as possible. However, “His Ways are not Our Ways.” Therefore, we will wait and be patient. If it happens it happens. If not, the mountain will always be here should I be blessed enough for another attempt. Although, not likely.

Kimmy Squeeze – Thanks for the matcha shot. I received it in no time at all. BTW I will be stopping by your place of employment on my way home. I’m jonesing for a Gulf Stream.

Doug – Congratulations on your own Everest – a new Harley Davidson. Ride safe and responsibly. Don’t take the corners on Lookout Mountain to fast anymore.

B double D – I enjoyed your comment. Thank you for the Scripture verses. However, the altitude is playing tricks on my memory. Who are you? Damron?

Biggin’ – Do I know what I am doing? Absolutely not! I need to be sent back to Justin for re-training.

Anonymous – I do not have any contact with the 13 year old on Everest. He is on the North side and I am on the South. Nepal, or the South side, hold the record for the youngest person to summit Mount Everest – 16 years old. Therefore, the Nepalese will no longer allow anyone younger than 17 to attempt Everest from their side.

Please fill in your name when posting comments. I like to know who sent them.