Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Climber's Dream - revisited

It's amazing how fast time passes. Two years ago today I was on my way to climb Mount Everest. I had just crossed the Nepalese/Chinese border and everything seemed right on schedule.
That is, however, not the case with Everest north side teams today. The Chinese have placed restrictions upon foreigners from entering into their country. The forecast for gaining permission to enter China through Zhangmu is a bit uncertain. The agreed upon date to lift these restrictions is constantly being pushed back. The deadline will arrive and the Chinese will change their minds. This can be frustrating, demoralizing, and utterly devestating. These climbers have put many months of sweat and hard work into training for the mountain of their dreams; only to arrive in Nepal and find out that their climb has been postponed at best and canceled at worst. Wow! That would be hard to deal with. Their dreams may be shattered.
You see, for many a climber Mount Everest represents the pinnacle of climbing achievement. The privilege of standing upon the highest piece of real estate in the world is a feat that few have done. Yes, climbing Mount Everest has become more popular in recent years but the challenge remains the same. Past or present, yesterday or today, there will always be those who push themselves to the edge of endurance. That is part of the allure of climbing Mount Everest.
I often wonder if I have the endurance to climb Mount Everest. Physical endurance yes, with God's help. Mental endurance though, is a little harder for me. Therefore I now rely heavily upon my wife and son at home to cheer me on. This cheering section is what will help propel me up the Big E when my physical endurance is waning.
I have a lot to do if I am to climb Mount Everest in just under one year. Relational, spiritual, financial, professional, physical, and mental challenges all loom hauntingly in front of me. Will I make it? Can I do it? What lies ahead? Please follow along as the next year unfolds.