Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Safely in Hong Kong

Leaving the Kathmandu airport has always been a bit cumbersome. Nepal has only been open to foreigners for close to 60 years so, therefore, they are still far behind the rest of the world. Their technology is antiquated at best. This usually leads to considerable delays when minor problems arise. The delay last night was the fast approaching monsoon. Not that a 'little' rain and a few clouds are a problem. The airport is so small there is no place for passengers to wait when flights are backed up. There are no concessions, no restrooms, and no proper tarmac.
Oh well, no worries now. I have safely arrived in Hong Kong, one of my favorite international airports. I only have 7 hours left and then it is off to the good 'ol U.S. of A.


Your Biggest Fans said...

No restrooms. Well, at least you were used to that on the mountain. Me, not so much. No food. Now I can see where you would have an issue.
24 hrs, 40 min. See you soon! Diana

Mom said...

One step closer to home - I like that. See you soon.