Sunday, May 23, 2010

No News is Good News

This is Diana posting an update since I know there are many anxious to hear something! Anything! On Ben’s May 16ht blog post, he said he was not planning to have the ability to call home until he climbed down from Camp 4 to Camp 2 on the 24th. He will wake up in a few hours and it will be the 24th, but I don't expect him to be able to call me until tomorrow morning (MST) when he reaches Camp 2.

I have been anxious since last night because the team website said that they would take the phone to the summit and call if the weather permitted and batteries lasted. I didn't expect Ben to be able to call me, but rather the team organizer to call his home so that the team website could be updated. Those plans must not have worked out because their website has not been updated. If I received a call this afternoon, I would be concerned since Ben should be sleeping due to the time difference – not to mention the exhaustion he must be feeling.

Ben’s good climbing friend, Gavin, has been in contact with me letting me know about all the good signs. All other team websites are reporting that yesterday was a beautiful day to summit with low winds. Bad news travels fast and no one is reporting anything about rescues or incidents on the mountain. There were a lot of people planning to summit this weekend, I am choosing to believe Ben was one of them.

I hope this sets you at ease for a few more hours until Ben is able to call home. Thanks again for all your prayers! We have the greatest friends & family.


The Doctor said...

Whew! Thanks, Diana. As much as I have been excited and a bit nervous for not hearing anything, I've been concerned for you guys as well. It sounds like you have perspective. Thanks for letting us know. Still praying that all goes well!

Alan said...

Diane, I am sure they are fine. There have been several teams with comms issues. It seems to have been quite cold so batteries go much faster and without warning up there. If there had been a problem, I would have expected other teams to have talked about so yes, no news is good news.
Hang in there,

Alan Arnette

Diana said...

Alan, Thanks for your comment. Your site is one that I am frequently checking. I noticed you didn't have a link to Ben's blog in your list of climbers with blogs, so I didn't know if Ben told you about his site. Thanks so much for the extra assurance from another expert!

Alan said...

Wow, I have followed Ben all season and thoroughly enjoyed his writing so I am not sure how I missed adding him to the list. I just did it. Sorry about that. Again, I'm sure he is fine. I think they got down before this current snow event hit. Send me an email if you need Phil's 'home office' email

Josie said...

Thanks for the update !
I have been attached to my cell phone all day. We were out riding today. Every time we stopped I would check for any updates .
Alan's sight has been great!

Your right no news is good news.
He is probably Eating and sleeping.

Prayers for everyones safe return.

Alan said...

Diane, I just heard they are all fine - safe and healthy - they are OK. Full stop.

Some did not summit, however. This is all I know and an update should be "soon" on the AJ site as they are going to C2. If I hear more I will let you know but expect a call from Ben soon (assuming his phone works!)