Monday, May 24, 2010


Ben stood on top of the world May 23rd at 8:15 am. He is back at Camp 2, safe and completely healthy. His dream of climbing Mt. Everest has come true!! May God get all the glory!

Please continue to pray for the health and safety of the team as they all climb down the mountain to return home to their families safely.

Ben will post an update tomorrow with pictures from the top of the world!


Anonymous said...

Amen Brother Ben! You are the Stuckey Boss! It has been great to follow your journey. We will continue to pray that God will protect your days getting off the big mountain. Can't wait to see pics and here your story in person.

God Bless!


Gavin Attwood said...

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! Congrats Ben.!

Heather said...

Praise the Lord!!! Way to go Ben. We are so thankful for your safety and that you reached the top! I know Diana and Alexander are anxious to see you soon!

Jeramie ande Heather Auchtung

Anonymous said...

PRAISE THE LORD!!!! Oh, I am SO excited to hear this news! God is so faithful! He truly gets the glory for being the Author and Creator of this mighty peak in the first place, and then allowing you the privilege of seeing the world from this pedestal. I read the news to Stacy just now - we are both SO proud of you Ben!! We will continue to be praying for your safe descent and return, because "going up is optional, but coming down is mandatory!"
Thank you Diana for posting the updates! We're still praying for you too!


Mom said...

Thank you, Lord - what a blessing and answer to prayer. Our hearts are so filled with gratitude. To God alone be all the glory!

Can't wait to see you - we love you and will continue to pray for the safety and health of you and your teammates.

Much love,
Mom and Dad

Josie said...


So So So Happy For you Ben !

I was a little concerned about you yesterday when we had not heard from you.
Randy kept telling me you had made it to the TOP OF THE WORLD !

May you have a safe trip back.

Diana thanks againg for the updates.


Aunt Christina said...

Ben I am thrilled for you and join with family and friends in praising and thanking God for enabling you to complete this incredible journey!

We will be praying for the health and safety of your team as you descend. Continued blessings and much love --

Aunt C.

Josie said...

So So So Happy for you Ben!

I was getting concerned yesterday when we had not heard a word from you. Randy kept telling me he new you had made it to the top of the word!

Diana, Thanks for the updates

Prayers for a safe return


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your summit, Ben! This is the news we have been
anxiously awaiting. We are absolutely
delighted for you and look forward to hearing about your adventure and seeing your pictures soon.
All the best to you and the rest of the Junkies for a safe descent.

All the best, Pujan and Michelle

Heather said...

Praise God!!! The kids and I clapped and cheered when I read this aloud this morning :) So excited that you were able to finish this dream. What an awesome God we serve to give you this opportunity! Will continue to pray for everyone's safe return. So, Ben, get home to your wife and son as soon as you can...they kind of miss you :)
Heather Grover

Anonymous said...

Ben and Team, congratulations and praise. What an accomplishment!
In SS class yesterday, without knowing for certain what was happening, we prayed for your safe descent from the top, assured that you and the team had made it before we even prayed - and now conmfirmation of the facts.
May you all retain your health, get home safely, and rejoice with family and friends.

Thank you Lord for your presence and may you receive all the glory for your servant's trek.


Wayne and Betty

b double d said...

Woo Hoo!
What a thrill, thanks for sharing the first half of the journey with us. We all look forward to the pictures and the stories. We look forward to hearing the things you learned and people you've met.

There is still another part of your journey to complete and enjoy, hopefully the weight is light as you bound down the mountains.

Would love to hear how the early bird ladies from Norway(?) fared in their summit bids.

- Damron

Brian said...

Congratulations Ben!

- Brian Tardiff

Naseem said...


PRAISE GOD!! A chill went up my spine when I saw this! I am SO SO HAPPY FOR YOU and so relieved that you are safe!! Your dream has come true - how incredibly awesome!! I am so proud of you brother!!!


Dad said...

Praise the Lord and pass the biscuits. Mom and I are overjoyed to hear of your quest to stand on top of this world. We know that this has been your dream ever sinse you made that fateful climb at the San Juan Ranch cabins near Creede, CO. with the Thomas' girls. Be safe coming down the mountain and we will continue to pray for you and your team for traveling mercies home. Love Dad

Chris Dunn said...

Praise God! We look forward to seeing you as soon as you can get back here. What an awesome story and I look forward to seeing how God will use this to reach others!

Anonymous said...

Though I've never commented, I have been following your journey for weeks. A friend of mine of your blog, and it's been exciting learning about what it takes to make it to Everest. I'm so happy for you and your dream, and glad it was all done safely. Continuing to pray for your safe journey home. :)


Melissa said...

Congratulations!! What great news! Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to follow you on this journey. Have a safe journey home!

~Melissa Tardiff

Aunt Carol said...

Wow, wow, wow--I just yelled aloud "Woo-hoo!" Praises to the Lord of Heaven and Earth! You have given Him credit all along and have lived under His strength, wisdom, and protection. We rejoice that your hard work has paid off, and pray you & the team will stay safe all the way back down and home to loving arms! Way to go, Ben.

Aunt Carol

Bryce said...

Alright Ben, Congrats. Good job your hard work has paid off. You've got one dream checked off now the next one should be to beat Oprahs time in a marathon. Can't wait to hear the stories and see you back at work. Travel home safe and hurry back because I need HELP.


Alan said...

Well Done Ben and way to hang in there Diane! Coming home will be sweet.

Nomad said...

YAY!!!! I've been following your adventure through our mutual friend Dennis. I'm so thrilled and happy for you!

Nomad said...
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Anonymous said...

Nice work Ben! Looking forward to hearing about your trip upon your safe return.

Nick L.

Anonymous said...

AMEN Brother!! You are absoutely awesome and how you prepared for your summit, reaching it, and making it back safely proves it. Your conquest of the world's highest peak had touched the lives of many in ways you may never know. It certainly has had an impact on me - especially your faith.

Ronno - from combat..

Anonymous said...

That's what I'm talkin about! Good job Ben. I probably won't buy you lunch for a while when you come back, I may go broke!


Anonymous said...


The Doctor said...

I just wish I could have been there to see it (I doubt they would let me out of basecamp, but at least I'd be there!). Congratulations!

Louie and Ruth said...

Ben, We are so very proud of you and your accomplishment. We are praising God for His faithfulness and being with you each step of the way. We pray for a safe return of all of the team to their families. We all are certainly anxious to see you again. We talked to Steve Hoke today and he has been following your blog. I think there are many silent followers.
Louie and Ruth

Bonnie said...

Congratulations Ben
Praise the Lord for your accomplishment...

Jim & Bonnie Travis

Anonymous said...

Ben - we are so glad to hear the news. The Glory of God brought you to the tip top of the world to let you gaze in awe at what he has created. Diane - congratulation to you too - Ben had you behind him all the way. Prayers are still with you until we hear you are back home. Woohoo!!!!
John & Sharon Tarnosky

Shelley "Bigler" Atkinson said...

Great news to hear that your dream has come true Ben!!!! God is always in control! Praying for a safe return. Has been years since we have seen each other, hope you still remember me.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Ben! And To God Be the Glory!

We have prayed while you climbed and Diana watched and waited. Can't wait to hear your stories.


Winn Allison
Cornerstone Church

Anonymous said...

Ben, this is so awesome. We're proud of you! Hope to hear your stories sometime soon.

Jonathan D.