Thursday, May 20, 2010

And he is off!!!

This is Diana again with today’s update. This morning’s call from Ben is probably the last one for several days. The team has finished their rest at Camp 2 and will leave for Camp 3 tomorrow morning. The cyclone has not impacted the weather on Everest and the weather continues to be consistent with the forecasts they have been following. They will be able to stick to the schedule Ben posted a few days ago. They have heard of many other teams making summit attempts the on the 21st and 22nd so they are planning their summit push for 1 day later to avoid the crowds and bottlenecks, which can be very dangerous. Ben sounds strong. Although, between the conversations of a chatty two-year old, Ben did mention something about his back which was a concern before he left for this trip. Once again, thank you all for your prayers. The next update will hopefully be good news of Ben’s summit and safe return down the mountain.


Mom said...

Woo-hoo - - - wonderful news! Will be praying about Ben's back. Just one more "little" thing for God to take care of. Our love, thoughts, and prayers are with you all. Thanks, Diana, for being such a loving, supportive, Godly woman/wife/mother. Our son is blessed above all men to have you in his life.

Dave and Cheryl

Anonymous said...

Go Ben Go! I know you can make it.

Blessings & Prayers


The Doctor said...

Praying for strength and speed, and may His Hand support you, Ben!

Sister said...

Put-a-ca-sevie! You're still neat for me, brother! Praying your back holds out and waiting for the breathtaking and awesome pictures to come.

Melissa said...

What exciting news! Praying for Ben as he makes this final push. We can't wait to hear all about it when he returns! ~Melissa Tardiff

Heather said...

So glad to hear that the summit is almost in reach! We will continue our prayers for safety, good weather, and a strong back. Keep up the good work Ben!
Jeramie & Heather Auchtung

Gavin Attwood said...

He's going to the top.

Josie said...


Prayers continue for a

Soon you will meet
" Mother Goddess of the Universe "

Thanks Diana for the updates.