Thursday, September 17, 2015

More Weather Delays

We expected a call from Ben this morning, but didn't receive one. He sent a text last night that stated that is was snowing again. I am speculating here, but my guess is the weather prevented him from getting a signal to the satellite phone or he walked down to Sama Goen for something to do. He said there is a possibility they will be stuck at base camp another 7 days. He said he is "going stir crazy." Those who know Ben, know he likes to be active, so I know this is really hard for him.
Several other teams on the mountain are still working on the acclimation climbs to Camps 1 & 2. Since Ben's team was able to accomplish this before the bad weather came in, they are ahead, but trying to find things to do. I know the team's main focus is safety so they will continue to wait for the weather to clear and for the mountain to be safe for climbing before making a summit push.
He is enjoying getting to know other people on the mountain. One of those people is Russell Brice, the leader of the expedition that was filmed a few years ago for a series on the Discovery Channel. Nick Cienski who is a director for Under Armour is also climbing Manaslu, with another team. His wife is traveling with him. Ben found out they are Christians and has enjoyed some encouraging fellowship with them.
He did mention in his text that his back was hurting and stretching wasn't helping. Please pray for this. We are doing well at home. Annie told me yesterday she "misses Daddy" and asked if God missed him too. I assured her God did not miss Daddy because God is with Daddy all the time taking care of him so he can come home to us. We are thankful for the prayers.


PiperComm5960 said...

Thanks for the great update, been thinking about Ben
a great deal throughout the day, have the blog up all
the time checking for updates... Glad to hear some news
and hoping the best for his adventure, may God bless
him with peace that surpasses all understanding...
Ben, may your strength increase as you wait on the Lord
and the weather..!
God Bless you Ben, your whole team and all attempting
that climb..!
Thanks again for the update Diana, bless you, Alex & Annie..!

Ruth Qussar said...

We are continuing to pray for relief from back pain, activities to stimulate the mind and body, safety, and a rich time of communing with God, the maker and creator of good weather and storms. We send our prayers and love to you Ben.