Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You guess the summit date contest!

I am surprised at how many people are actually following my blog. I really enjoy reading all of the comments that are posted and the many words of encouragement. Therefore, I thought I would show my appreciation by holding a little contest. The contest is to see who can correctly guess my upcoming summit date AND time. For example, May 4, 2010 @ 8:45 a.m. The contest will end on May 10th. I will not say what the prize will be just yet because it will be determined by who wins it. Although, believe me, it will be amazing.

Now, I do not want to be so presumptuous, arrogant, or proud as to assume that I will definitely stand on the summit of Mount Everest. There are many things that still need to line up for that to happen. If I do not make the summit then I will use the guess that most closely estimates the time and date of my turn around.

And now for a bit of help in estimating the summit date. It will not be before May 10th because of the current position of the jet stream. It will be no later than May 27th because the Khumbu Icefall will become too dangerous and completely impassable. I will leave for the summit at 9:00 p.m. the previous evening hoping to summit early in the morning of the next day. I will only have 16 hours of supplemental oxygen with me (2 bottles at 2 L.P.M.) to go to the summit and return to my high camp. Once there I will have more supplemental oxygen. That should be enough to keep you guessing.

There can only one guess per person. Please tell your friends and let’s see who gets the closest.


Anonymous said...

So great reading how you're doing. I showed Erik and Julia the pictures from here today and said that was Alexander's daddy. They both said "Wow. I like him." :) It has been so great seeing everything you get to do and how amazing God's creation is out there! My guess (mainly for Diana's sake) is that you'll summit May 11 at 7:32 am. :) We hope you get home sooner than later, but have been praying for your patience as you wait on God's timing. I can imagine how hard it will be to be patient when you're so close, and hope you will be able to summit!
--Heather Grover

Dad said...

Ben, my estimated time for you to summit is May 20, 2010@ 8:30AM. Your Mom and I really enjoyed talking with you last night. Have a wonderful day praising God for the marvelous things He has created. Keep looking up because the throne of heaven is being bombarded for you and your climbing friends.

Doug Whittier said...

So glad to see your crew and you doing well..! Well I guess I will go with the most special of days for my guess: May 13, 6:26am. This is Ascension Day that marks the day when Jesus Christ ascended up into Heaven. It was 40 days after his resurrection from the dead, which was on Easter Sunday. So my prayers and hope would be that your crew and you would be able to ascend on the anniversary of our Lord's own ascension..! My prayers are with your family, crew and yourself, may God bless you with success to help increase His glory..! Go Ben Go..!

Jeni said...

I guess May 14th 9:00 am. It's fun to follow your adventure! I'm glad your wife posted it as her status on facebook! :)

Naseem said...

May 14, 6:14am, but anytime would be GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Ben, all the Piper Team is pulling for you to make the summit soon.As a veteran, my guess will be Armed Forces Day the 15th @ 7:45am.
May god bless and keep you on your fantastic journey.


Mom said...

Well, my prediction is May 18 at 6:58 a.m. because that day would mark the second of 2 great events in history. :) (The real time should be 9:00 a.m., but I thought that might be pushing it just a little as far as your oxygen supply holding out.)

May 13 (Ascension Day) would also be great, especially if you summited, and then the rest of us (saved) just met you in the air and kept right on going - GLORY!

Thanks for keeping the interest alive on this end. We are so excited for the final outcome.

Love and ever so many prayers,
Mom and Dad

Sister said...

I love this contest! I have a guess from myself, Joey and Matt.

My guess: May 17th at 7:17am

Matt's guess: May 22nd at 7:32 am

Joey's guess: May 20th at 6:00am

Remember how we used to roll our tongues when we were excited? That's what I'm doing now!
Peace out!


Anonymous said...

Hey Neighbor,

It's always good to hear how well you're doing. My guess: May 22 @ 3:00AM. (My parents' wedding anniversary and my best friend's birthday - I'd always remember it!) Hope to see you back at work soon - the only mindless chatter I hear from your office now is Bryce talking to himself. Yikes. Be safe.
Kathy B.

Josie said...

Okay this should be FUN !

Randy and I are guessing you will summit on May 16 @ 5:50 AM

"Mountain climbing is extended periods of intense boredom, interrupted by occasional moments of sheer terror."

Be safe Ben
Josie & Randy

Diana said...

This is so fun! But since I overthink everything, I am going to take my time on this one too. Besides, my math skills are not as good as yours. I am going to take a few more days.

I love you. And I love hearing your voice.

Christopher said...

Knock 'em out, buddy. May 17th @ 6:14am.


The Doctor said...

I' had already picked the 16th like Josie and Randy, so i'm just gonna stick to it, and knowing how fast you push yourself, I'm gonna say 45 minutes after dawn breaks, which may put you there about 5:20 am.

You can do it, Ben, Keep it up!


Anonymous said...

I'd love to vote for my birthday (May 27th) but don't really want you to wait that long. So instead I'll go w/ May 18th at 5:54am.

btw, I pulled out the "like a midget" line just the other day and it met with great success... :)


Melissa said...

Ok, so we've been following your blog and figured we'd venture a guess or two.

Melissa guesses May 19 @ 7:58am.

Brian guesses May 16 @ 7:47am.

For the sake of your quick return home to your family, I hope we're wrong and your chance comes much sooner. Whenever it is, we are wishing you a safe summit.

~Brian and Melissa Tardiff

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben! It's Ronno from Combat and I predict you will reach the summit at 8:05 AM on Wednesday May 12th. I chose May 12th becasue the jet stream will abate on the 11th and you and the team will summit the next day.

How great thou are...

By the way I have 3 versions of that song and my favoriate is an Elvis live recording.


Diana said...

Ok, I am ready to make my guess... May 15th, 6:07 am.

I am not in it for the prize. The best prize is knowing you accomplished your dream and your safe return home. It is fun to play along.
Love you!

GRANDMA said...

Hi Ben,
Here's grandma talking--God has been watching out for you so far and HE'll be with you the rest of the way. There are a lot of people praying for you--even the prayer chain at my church. I'll give you my guess for your little contest--May 19 at 5:55 A.M. Keep looking up!!! Love you, Grandma

Julisa said...

Hi Ben. I'm going for May 18th at 6:10 am. We are praying for you!


Ruth said...

Hi Ben,
Thanks for the call again. Turst you are holding on. God sometimes has different ways to teach us patience. Keep TRUSTING HIM.

So my guess is May 14th at 5:45 a.m.

But They that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they whall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint. Is 40:31

Is that laundry in those last pictures? Very colorful.

Praying for safety in more ways than one.

Kim said...

My guess is also May 20th at 5:43. This is the day that I was blessed with the birth of my girls four years ago.....really? Time just goes too fast!!!

I hope you make it sooner so you can get home to your family ;^)

Kim and everyone at Squeeze

Dylan Cholak- Kurts son said...

Hi this is Dylan Kurt's son from club USA. My dad and I have really been enjoying following your blog. It is really cool and i hope you make it to the top of Mt. Everest. My guess for your summit is May 18 7:28 AM 2011 haha just kidding 2010.

Kurt said...

Hey there Ben, Great blogging dude. Really enjoy reading it and learning about Everest. I guess you summit on May 20th at 0645. Good Luck Ben!