Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Moving back up...

So here is the schedule for the next 5 days:

Thursday, April 22, 2010 – Basecamp to Camp 2 @ 21,000’

Friday, April 23, 2010 – Rest at Camp 2

Saturday, April 24, 2010 – Climb to Camp 3 @ 23,900’ – Rest for a few hours and descend to Camp 2

Sunday, April 25, 2010 – Rest at Camp 2

Monday, April 26, 2010 – Descend to Basecamp

This will be my final rotation on Mount Everest before attempting the summit, hopefully sometime in early May. Above Camp 3 I will begin to use supplemental oxygen for the first time. In September of 2005 I climbed to the summit of the world’s sixth highest mountain, Cho Oyu @ 26,907’ without supplemental oxygen and felt fine. However, Mount Everest requires a much higher demand on the body. Although just 2,128’higher, the danger of climbing to the summit of Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen can be fatal. Climbing with supplemental oxygen is extremely safe. The supplemental oxygen will allow me to think more clearly, make better decisions, and feel warmer in my extremities. As I have stated from the beginning – safety first. If at any point I feel unsafe I will turn around pleased and content.

Please pray for safety and wisdom for the entire team. We are all doing really well. Our upcoming summit attempt is dependent entirely upon the jet stream. It must move north of the mountain to allow for safe passage to the summit and back. This happens each year in early to mid May. We have the best resources available providing us with up to the minute weather forecasts for Mount Everest. Theses forecasts will also give us an idea of potential wind speed; another determining factor in our summit attempt. I pray, I hope, I wish, for an early May summit attempt. Overall the weather has been fantastic and hopefully, this will continue. Thank you to everyone who is praying for the team and I. As well, thank you to everyone who leaves a comment. I truly enjoy reading them all.


Mom said...

Thanks, Ben, for the specifics of your next few days. We are continuing to pray EARNESTLY for you, knowing that as you trust God and acknowledge him in all your ways, he will be faithful to direct your steps.

We all continue to cheer you on. Keep your eyes on the goal and your focus on what lies ahead, and rest assured that all is well here!

Much love from one of your biggest fans!

Grandma said...

Hi Ben,
I'm following along with all of your "fans" It's amazing to see and know all of your accomplishments thus far. With your trust in the Lord to guide your steps I'm sure you're going to make it to the top. Keep your eyes on HIM and with your "safety first" issues beside you all will be well. I am continuing to hold you up in my prayers. Love,

Anonymous said...


How exciting! We are all cheering for you and keeping you lifted high in our prayers. Stay safe and look forward to see the pictures of you on the Summit!

Mike Atherton

Anonymous said...

Hey Neighbor,

What fun following your travels to the summit! Glad to hear you and the team are doing well. Be safe!
Kathy B

Anonymous said...

Ben, Great to know you and your team are doing well. Smart decision on the oxygen! You are a family man now. I would have made you some Elk Jerky but you will have to wait to come get some when you show me your summit pictures.

Praying often


The Doctor said...

Enjoy your rest when you can, Ben. Julisa and I are behind you 100%. We're sharing your story and getting other friends to pray for you, too. Be safe, but enjoy every minute of it!

Josie said...

Hey Ben,

I am sure you know who Eric Weihenmayer is. He is the blind guy who climbed Mt Everest. One of his Co-workers is my client.
I told him about you and he is checking out your blog and wishing you the best.
Love the photos!
Prayers as always

Diana said...

Alexander & I just said bedtime prayers and we are thankful you are in God's hands. He has brought you this far, we trust He will continue the work He has begun in you. We are excited to see what that is. Love you!
Diana & Alexander

Sister said...

I had a dream that you summited and that all of us (minus Alex and Matt) were with you when you did! After you summited, we all got to enjoy the food that the sherpas made!
So, it must be a sign. :) Prayers and Caw-di-saws!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Ben! I love you and your team's organization and commitment to getting to the summit safely. I'm praying for you!


Anonymous said...

Hey! umm... i wouldn't mind sharing some of that tasty goodness known as Marcus' elk jerky with y'all... so keep me in mind for that little reunion that you guys may be having... ;) As for me, in your absence I'm having to bring my own thermos of toasty hot beverage to drink on these ROM trips. Not the same...

God has been faithful to us with the rock school- great turnout! And he's providing clear weather for just the right amount of time that we need - no more, no less. I'm continuing to pray that he provides exactly what you need as well! Cheers!


PS Have you told anyone Jerry's vegetarian comment yet?

Damron said...

Hey, I'm reading along with your journey almost every morning. Enjoying all the updates. I bet your ears were burning yesterday, we were just talking about you last night as we hiked up to climb at Golden Cliffs. We were talking about what a stout hiker you are, you are speedy man. Your training, your endurance, your determination will all prove to be key in your best possible attempt at summit success and return. I'm so proud of you putting all of it together to pursue your dreams and sharing them with us too.

We both know there is no such thing as luck, so here's to being prepared, and having God's wisdom guide your steps. I'm so glad you are enjoying one of the great challenges God set before men in his wild, beautiful, and at times... dangerous creation!

Peace brother Ben,
- bd

Doug Whittier said...

Way to go Ben..! Thanks for the updates, my prayers are with you, go brother go..!