Monday, April 26, 2010

Back from Camp 3 - 23,500'

 Photo 1 – Near vertical ice climbing at 23,000’. Ugggh.

Photo 2 – Yours truly on the Lhotse Face at 23,500’. The prominent bump in the background is the Geneva Spur. The last obstacle before Camp 4 at 26,000’ – my staging ground for the summit attempt. Notice Mount Everest still rising mightily to the left and still being pounded by the jet stream.

Photo 3 – View down the Western Cwm from Camp 3 at 23,500’. Many mountains that have been towering above me for weeks are now at eye level. Notice the “flatish” mountain in the far background. This mountain is Cho Oyu standing at 26,907’. I stood on top of this mountain on September 29, 2005. As you can imagine, I had the opposite view – staring at Mount Everest, Lhotse, and the Western Cwm. I wondered to myself if I would ever have the opportunity to climb there. Mission accomplished. I am so blessed!

The entire team has returned safely from our 5 day trip up the mountain. As planned, we did climb up to the sight of our Camp 3, which will be at 23,500’. Along with this great accomplishment coupled with several more days at Camp 2 we are now sufficiently acclimated and ready to mount an attempt upon the summit. However, the jet stream is not ready for us to try for the summit. The current wind speed on the summit of Mount Everest is 55 m.p.h. Too strong to try and climb up there. So, as of now we are anticipating 10 – 14 days of rest at basecamp before we try for the summit. It very well could be sooner, but we must plan for the longer period of time. Currently, we receive daily weather forecasts for multiple elevations on Mount Everest, including the summit. Once we receive a favorable long term forecast we will stage an attempt upon the summit. So what will occupy our time while waiting for the summit window? Please keep following along. Thank you for your prayers.


Josie said...


Been waiting patiently for your update and photos. AMAZING !
I got chills reading your update.

Take this time to rest up so you will be STRONG for the summit.

ps. You are going to kick butt on the George town race!

Prayers for you and your team.


Diana said...

It was so great to talk to you this morning. Remember, you can call me anytime - even in the middle of the night. I am sorry Alexander was not focused on talking to you. After you hung up, he was sorry he had missed the opportunity. We are praying for God's timing for the jetstream to pass. We miss you. I know the rest days will be hard for you. Stay focused.
We love you!
Diana & Alexander

Mom said...

Thanks, Ben, for taking us along on the journey with you. It was so exciting to see the pictures and hear your update! Oh, my goodness! I can only imagine how you must feel. We will be praying along with Diana and others about the jetstream - so critical to your final climb and summit attempt. You're nearly there - stay focused, keep trusting God and remember that you are sheltered safely under His wings!

We love you!
Mom and Dad

Dad said...

Well it looks like you will be close to getting to the top soon. We continue praying that the weather will cooperate and that you can fulfill your dream. Although Jesus said that, Low am I with you always, He also said , I will be with always. Keep looking up while He keeps looking down. Love Dad.

Anonymous said...

Ben, Great to know you are doing well. It is real fun tracking your journeys! We have 2ft of snow in Monument today and the melt is on. Ahh spring time in the rockies. Have a good rest and we look foward to more updates.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That is some neighborhood you're in now! A lot of us at work are following your journey. We are all so proud of you. Be safe.

Kathy B

Anonymous said...

Ben, How far did you make it up Everest last time you were there?


Gavin Attwood said...

Rest up brother.

The Doctor said...

I'm glad to know that you won't be stuck in a tent for a week waiting out the weather like Denali. At least at Basecamp you can find some things to do to occupy all the rest time. Take advantage of all the rest you can; you will need it.
Praying for you,

Chris Dunn said...

We're thinking and praying for you back at Cornerstone. You are missed, but we know you are having fun! I've also been telling people about you at my work, so you are like a rock star now! :)

Sister said...

You know when a football game is almost over and the score is tied? Or when you are near the end of an exciting, thrilling movie?
Well......imagine how Dad gets. His knuckles would be cracking and he'd be sitting on the edge of his seat. I think all of our knuckles are starting to crack right about now. Praying that jetstream behaves!

Doug Whittier said...

Go Ben Go..! Go Ben Go..! Your the man, thanks so much for sharing this with us flatlanders, the internet is such a cool way to communicate from afar, may God continue to bless your group and the weather, rest up and keep us informed, we're watching..! Go Ben Go..! Go Ben Go..!

Grandma said...

Hi again. I'm really enjoying seeing the beautiful pictures scenes of God's creation. Keep trusting in HIM and you'll make it through tt the top. still praying for you and now for the jet stream. This is the first time I remember hearing it had some effect on what you're trying to do. Love you loads. Grandma

Mom said...

Wow - Grandma's never told ME she loves me loads -- you must be special. :)

Still praying. . .

Brian Tardiff said...


Thanks for the update! I know several others have mentioned it, but, it really has been fun following along on your journey. I love the pictures.

I've spent half my career praying for the jet stream to move a little more north or south. My reasons now seem completely insignificant. I am faithful it will shift, and you will be standing on top of the world soon.

God Bless you! STAY SAFE!

- Brian Tardiff

Anonymous said...

The combat class is going to start in 10 minutes. I been showing the regulars the blog and we are all amazed with your progress. The pictures are fantastic!

Ronno and the combat group

Anonymous said...

Beth is here and has your piece of gum waiting!