Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's great to be back in Kathmandu

Well, I have arrived safely in Kathmandu. More importantly is that all of my baggage has arrived as well. On my last trip here 1 of my bags was delayed a day. I am so thankful I did not have to worry about that this time. I arrived at 11:00pm last night and was brought to my hotel. The Courtyard Hotel is fantastic. Much better than when I was here previously. I was able to get a little sleep but I am still adjusting. The time difference between Kathmandu and Denver is 11hr 45min ahead (don't ask why the odd number).
After a superb breakfast I walked around and met old friends. We greeted each other as if no time has passed. This culture is much different than home. After a lovely cup of coffee I went to my favorite barber for a haircut and a straight razor shave. Oh, I also got a head and neck massage. The damage for this little bit of indulgence was a cool 320 rupees. For you math majors that is $3 U.S. What a country! The first picture above is me post-shave and haircut at my hotel's courtyard. The second picture is of a typical street scene in the Thamel district.
Thank you everyone for all of your kind thoughts and prayers. They are much needed and appreciated. For the rest of the day I shall meet up with more friends and head to some of my favorite eating places. I will try and upload more pics as the days come. Right now my schedule is that we fly to Lukla (that is Peterson Int'l Airfield for Bob at Piper Electric) on April 1st and begin our 9 day journey to Everest Basecamp. More to come later. Thanks for following my great Everest Adventure.  


C Ricucci said...

$3.00 for a haircut? Wow can you see if they have any appts. open for Saturday? I rotated your street scene, great shot. Have you tried the steakhouse?

I join the friends & family praying for you, Ben. God has many blessings in store for you on this trip, I know it!

Love, Aunt Christina

Diana said...

I like your haircut. I hope there is still enough up there to keep your head warm! Love you!

Mom and Dad said...

So great to "see" you again. Glad to hear all is well - an answer to prayer. We share your excitement in the days ahead! Much love, M&D

Naseem said...

I'm glad you made it Ben (and all of your stuff too!). I love those straight razor shaves. Enjoy Kathmandu!

Doug Whittier said...

Glad to see your travels have been safe so far and may God bless all your future ones... Nice to see you doing well and we are all pulling for ya..!

Ruth said...

Good to "see" you. Glad to know that your bags arrived. Praying for you, along with a host of others. Love, Louie and Ruth