Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Everest is quickly approaching...

Just a little over 4 weeks until I leave on my expedition of a lifetime. Climbing Mount Everest will demand a lot from me. It is best that I be completely prepared. I have been training in full force when it comes to the physical and mental aspects of my climb, but what about training with the gear I will be using while on the mountain?
There is so much specialized gear needed if I am to get up and down Mount Everest safely and successfully. This will be my 15th climbing expedition and each trip I declare that I already have all the gear necessary for a safe climb. Each time, though, I review my current climbing gear and I find something that has holes in it, is slightly broken, not functioning properly, and a host of other things that have happened to my stuff. I begin the process of determining what I can just get by with and what needs to be brand new. I need certain gear to be in mint condition and free from all defect. I just don't want to show up on Mount Everest with all new, shiny climbing gear. I have been climbing for a number of years and I don't want to appear as the newby or rookie climber. Oh well. C'est la vie! Everest has a way of humbling even the most proud soul. Am I humble enough to climb Mount Everest? I sure hope so.